Meet Lisa

A Little About Lisa

I've always had a flair for artistic expression, interior design and envisioning the end result, an object in desperate need of attention. Led me to Study Art in college until my gentle hulk of a husband swept me off my feet, taking me to live in Europe for four years where I introduced to some of the most magnificent art, concepts, and techniques in the world. I Interned with some selective groups during the 'Euro' days and was living the life. Then the good lord decided it was time for us to have a family our daughter, Madeline was born and the Air Force moved us back to America. Over the course then of the the last 25 years, I veered away from artistic roots and opened a business in fragrance. Then, another blessing came from god, this time a son. Closed that business after 18 years due to a turn in the economy and a time for a change for me. Then, we purchased a home in 2014 that was a 1961 time capsule, I started the process of a "makeover". Designing, directing and preforming every task brought out the old feelings again and the desire to do more artistic design work. So with the support and encouragement of my husband (for 32 years now), I set out on a journey to learn more and over the course of the last two years, I have spent thousands of miles and countless hours shaping and re-honing my skills that I learned in my 20's.